Our Services:

ST&RProvides leadership and guidance in the management of the association.

ST&R Partners with Community Association Experts in holding educational Q&A seminarsfor Board members. Continuing education is the best practice in leading the associations to the betterment of Community Association Management.

ST&R  has the
resources of experts that will lead and advise the association on a case by case basis such as collections/litigations, insurance claims, exterior building inspection, capital improvement projects, etc. As a WSCAI member, we encourage Board members to participate with the Washington State Chapter Community Associations Institute (WSCAI) events for association's informational classes that are presented by attorneys, insurance experts, general contractors, engineers, etc. for Board members, homeowners, vendors, and management companies. 

ST&R Attends
association meetings such as Board and Annual meetings, any special meeting per request.

ST&R Has great
vendor relationships that will help the association hire the most suitable vendors for maintenance, projects, contracted services to maintain the healthy appearances and structural condition of facilities and common areas. 

ST&R Assists in preparation of the association annual budget. WE collaborate and prepare the association's budget for the Board to review and recommend appropriate capital project funding for their long-term capital expenditure.

ST&R Provides monthly financial reports to the Board of Directors: Our accounting team manages the association's account payable & receivable, performs banks reconciliation monthly, compiles a
monthly financial report for the association to review.

ST&R Pursues collections in compliance with the association policies. WE manage 

ST&REnforces compliance per association’s
Rules & Regulations/governing documents to maintain the uniformity of the association and to promote a prosperous living environment for the community. 

ST&RMonitors the association’s
asset and investment balances and maturities.

ST&R has In-House Maintenance & 
24 Hours On-Call Emergency Services.

ST&R Provides 
Project Management. (Per request)

ST&R Conducts site visits. WE will visit your community and perform site inspection with the association's maintenance checklist that we use to check the appearance & conditions of roof, exterior building, amenities, roadways, landscape, lightings, etc. (Per request)

Community Portal – Allows homeowners full access to association's documents,  homeowner's account ledgers, on-line payments, etc. (Optional)